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Astrologer’s Almanac September 20-26, 2020   ~ Autumnal Equinox!

Victoria Martin



By Victoria Martin



Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead

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Astrological Forecast & Advice

Mass Psychology Forecast September 20 – September 26, 2020

Highlights This Week & Beyond                                                                                            

September 20-26 FORECAST As our expectations rise along with the brightening moon, we can use enthusiasm and special awareness to make the most of every situation. ADVICE Even if the road ahead seems loaded with obstacles, there are many helpers, advantageous offers, new assets, and camaraderie.

Waxing Moon

September 25- October 3 FORECAST Some of the same tension and heavy workload we experienced August 20-28 returns. However, since then many of us have gained special coping powers. ADVICE Keep tuned to the undertow, heartbeat, and real story. Think of yourself as a Scout, Shaman, or Special Agent.

Mars retrograde square Saturn

Sunday, September 20

Wee Hours- Morning FORECAST Technology and science upgrade as per makeover from individual geniuses. Innovations will gear methods and manifestations to the best effect. ADVICE A deeper grasp of all the rich sources available is illuminating. Use charm, teamwork, modesty, and outreach capabilities to the max.

Moon opposed Uranus

Afternoon -Evening FORECAST We are all weighing in on commercial potential, available screened by apropos teachings, and historical observances. Affection expressed and aesthetic experiences are testimonies of harmony. ADVICE Focus on The Greater Good to make projects flourish and encourage other progress.

Moon square Venus

Evening-Night FORECAST Salvation and/or exemplary business practices utilize empathy as well as vision. ADVICE Avoid indulgence, purge toxins, and use mercy, forgiveness, and tolerance when appropriate.

Moon trine Neptune

Monday, September 21

ALL DAY FORECAST Cultural and scientific references point out the truth and/or offer perspectives regarding politics, finance, psychology, and sexuality. Some nerves or deeply held opinions are likely touched off now. ADVICE Best bet is to maintain stability, especially when discussing hot topics.

Mercury square Pluto

Tuesday, September 22

8:30 AM CDT FORECAST We are all seeking balance as we approach groups, collectives, and peers. The aim is towards meaningful affiliations. Many esoteric codes say that this is a day of reckoning, It is possible to achieve harmony between Body, Soul and Spirit ADVICE Maintain a state of grace (gratitude and no grudges) Stay in the mode of giving and make your impact on the greater good.  For example contribution to the community, well-being benefits many.

Autumnal Equinox

Night-Wee Hours FORECAST Sincere motives– coupled with inner turmoil—is a favorite theme for hero stories. The motto of turning evil into good can be achieved. ADVICE Most important is action and specifically good deeds. We can also use a healing impulse for powering our own selves and others.

Moon trine Venus

Night-Wee Hours FORECAST The big picture perspective is enriched with healing formulae and wizardly insights. ADVICE Subtract toxins and banish delusions. If the brainwashing, propaganda, or fantasy element is strong, then an extra dose of back to basics practicality will help. 

Moon square Neptune

Wednesday, September 23

ALL DAY FORECAST Evolving methods, structures, and businesses encounter a minor challenge. ADVICE Follow mental cues, insert meaningful information, and engage in an ongoing study. Almost any intellectual pursuit or spiritual practice is helpful.

Mercury square Saturn

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Intrigue, natural instincts, and a strong competitive edge are obvious in the storyline now. Sympathy–empathy capability will assist in diplomatic action.  ADVICE Know people on both sides: insider and outsider. Details on various roles, skills, and positions bring sociological insights.

Moon trine Mars

Evening-Night FORECAST Truths are revealed due to a judgment of headquarters and organizations. Focal points are success levels in manifesting or facilitating goals. ADVICE This is a turning point in the lunar cycle. Decisions are made regarding what to pursue in the next week. It is important to choose wisely as that impacts success during the fully illuminated Moon October 1st-5th.

Moon square Sun

Thursday, September 24

ALL DAY FORECAST It seems time to outline short-term (October) goals as well as set out a thesis. There is lots of scientific, cultural noteworthy information or hopeful ideas. ADVICE Get ready for a friendly debate. Advance your agenda graciously. Paradigms of gratitude and grace serve as inspiration.

Mercury opposed Mars

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST New, novel, or unique insights are hip, yet draw from the past. Site-specific or historic are elements idiosyncratic to the community. ADVICE Use legends, lore, or customs fitting for the target group/audience.

Moon trine Uranus

Friday, September 25

Wee Hours- Morning FORECAST Potentially a very fortunate morning mood thanks to extra optimism. Solid backing or other good fortune generators are featured. ADVICE Play by the rules of luck that is: go with the winners and drop the losers. Try out noble missions and viable options and go where the success mode dominates.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Deep psychological insight begins with self-awareness regarding what you can handle. ADVICE Your assets and contribution potential are important too.

Moon Conjunct Pluto

Afternoon -Evening FORECAST Conditions dominant now are likely to produce a very serious mood. The results will be rewards to smart workers, good students, and dutiful participants. ADVICE Creeds, behavior codes, symbols, and totems emerging now are worthy of study. These provide a spiritual signpost, emotional guides, or artistic focus.

Moon Conjunct Saturn

Afternoon -Evening FORECAST Curiosity and sophistication are in primetime! Aim for the bright lights. Focus on culture, people, and sites that provide worthwhile activities. Unity under shared interests or fun times brings folks together. ADVICE Meetings on hot topics creates a dialogue between contrasting points of view. For example, you can link science and religion, left and right, or traditional and contrarian to bring about good stories and magic.

Moon square Mars

Night-Wee Hours FORECAST It seems time to touch base with specs for sophistication, social savvy, and hipness. Some folks opt for an accelerated culture, modern educated, or a new classic mode. ADVICE It is tricky–but possible–to use the best of all milieu and many spheres of activity.

Moon square Mercury

Saturday, September 26

Morning FORECAST The all-seeing, eagle-eyed mode has humanitarian focus. This will support diplomacy, outreach, and good feelings. ADVICE Engage in research and social development. Utilize this morning to enhance projects, embellish relations, and enrich work.

Moon trine Sun

Night-Wee Hours FORECAST There’s a leaning towards high-level altruism. The most effective will cite human’s charitable heritage and zoological herd cooperation. ADVICE Acts of goodwill are similar to the trust intrinsic to fraternal organizations and secret societies. Novelty thinking keeps it all interesting and uses the best of historic and futuristic reasoning.

Moon square Uranus

First of 7 days FORECAST This is the week to build courage, but also caution. ADVICE We must operate far away from fear yet use ample troubleshooting and surmount confrontations or obstacles gently. 

Mars retrograde square Saturn


   By Victoria Martin

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