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Astro -Cast Mass Psychology for This Week February 16-22

Victoria Martin



By Victoria Martin




Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead

Emerald Diamond Necklace & Earrings – Circa 1830 Country / England

Astrological Forecast & Advice

Mass Psychology Forecast February 16 – 22, 2020


Highlights for the Weeks Ahead

February 16-March 9 FORECAST Going into a marathon mode for three weeks: information gets up close and personal. Advice Keep your cool during the rush! Double-check travel docs and communication media specs.

Mercury retrograde till March 9    

February 21 – 25 FORECAST There’s a distinct flavor of utopia and/or paradise since these themes are operative models for current aims insight. Advice The results of altruistic and community surveys shape special projects and influence humanitarian goals.

The new Moon phase is aligned to the Paradise Star in Pisces Australius

Highlights for This Week Ahead

Sunday, February 16               

Afternoon and evening FORECAST Powerful relationships polarize: they either thrive or flounder. Advice The telling point could be: is there a mission ready-made for team efforts. Even better is if it will improve family, friends’ or community conditions.

Moon trine Venus 

7 PM CST FORECAST Going into a marathon mode for three weeks: information gets up close and personal. Advice Keep your cool during the rush! Double-check travel docs and communication media specs.

Mercury retrograde till March 9    

Night FORECAST Authorities expound on healing tools, charismatic enhancers or trend spotting. Advice Do clarify business plans, overarching motives, site setting, or encouragement sources. Find an experienced or venerable person who can guide or inspire.

Moon Square Mercury 

Monday, February 17

We hours– early morning FORECAST Current projects of special interest communities get obstacles removed and fears neutralized! Cures can remedy the complex problems and new supplies solve some needs. Advice Faith in one’s self is an asset worth cultivating. Practical role choices and realistic job appointments are basic enhancers.

Moon square Neptune

Tuesday, February 18   

Morning FORECAST Lively events inspire energetic participation. Some awareness of the competition and a wide scan of circumstances are wise. Advice Preparation is similar to that of a contest. Utilize basic instincts. Cultivate personal intrigue and boost will power.

Moon conjunct Mars

Morning and afternoon FORECAST Alpha types, leaders, aristocrats, and eminent people are featured. Advice The triumph over tragedy mode in unusual combinations is the inspiration here.

Moon trine Uranus

Wednesday, February 19      

Early morning FORECAST Those in a high position can promote fundraising, trailblazing, and social sophistication. Advice Likely themes are: coming of age, debuts, or iconic appearances.

Moon square Venus

Afternoon FORECAST Following a legendary or mythic path is helped via tracking scent, sights, and sound. There is luck available for those who spot the opportunity. Advice Keep on the hot trail, remove obstacles, and keep your ear to the ground; all provide clues. Stick to what feels right: olfactory, visual and audio. 

Moon Conjunct Jupiter

Thursday, February 20

Morning FORECAST Expect a serious mood! This is conducive to taking care of business, visits with VIPs, and meetings with authority figures. Advice Official posturing is the way to go. Ample preparation, proper demeanor, and respectful attitude are basics to sophistication. 

Moon conjunct Saturn

Late night– Wee hours FORECAST Secrets revealed and hidden items now emerging provide clues, insights, and directives. Advice For a skilled detective and strategist this timeframe is the bonus for all it produces.

Moon conjunct Pluto

Evening and night FORECAST Practical considerations: real estate, family obligations, and civic duties are in focus. These structure future plans, novelty interests, and unique notions. Advice Ironically, limits and assignments can increase creativity.

Moon square Uranus 

1st of 3 days FORECAST Easy solutions are due to strong primal instincts and creative energy combining to work  together. Advice Dialogue or synthesis between contrasting opinions or polar opposites is intense. Brace yourself and take the best from both sides.

Mars trine Uranus 

Friday, February 21

First of Five Days FORECAST As plans and attitudes shape up, there are many considerations: luck, trends, and health, Also in  focus are commitment levels. Advice Be calm in the face of suspense! Important decisions are pending new information and approval! Offers should be treated with great respect, but also expert reasoning.

New Moon Phase 

2nd of 3 days FORECAST Instinctive urgency, reflexive responses, and energetic motions are felt. These prompts–once acted upon –can ignite future benefits. Advice Use catalysts, affirmations, and other motivational techniques. Bring more people into the group, encourage inspiration and train skills. Boost creativity via playfulness and praise talents.

Mars trine Uranus 

Saturday, February 22

Second of Five Days FORECAST Many people are assessing profits and/or losses for individual  advancement or business accounting. Other considerations are ‘who owes who what’ in terms of favors, gifts, and affection. Advice Actions of the power behind the throne staffing could make or break important leaders and organizations.

New Moon Phase 

3rd of 3 days FORECAST Shared intrigue or fascination felt now will set the stage for noble campaigns. Advice Provide relevant stories from both insider and outsider perspectives. This generates interest and creates common ground.

Mars trine Uranus 

Highlights for the Month Ahead

March 6 – 10 FORECAST The most dreamy, transcendent, and complex time of year, Advice This is a great time to show compassion and get spiritual or artistic inspiration. But it is also important to monitor tricky situations likely flavored by toxins, narcissism, and fantasy.

Sun Conjunct Neptune

March 7 – 11 FORECAST Here are helpful hints about attaining tangible spirituality achieved via the natural elements: sunlight, water, wind, and earth also botanicals. They have powers of renewal   Advice Also a priority are ceremonies, community participation, and initiatives that fortify faith. Bring a vessel or medium for sharing. Codify the use of sacred objects or explain the sacred stories and/or liturgy,.

The Full Moon phase is aligned to the constellation Crater the Cup

Sunday, March 8 @ 2 AM local time FORECAST This annual ‘Time Change’ imparts a feeling of mild jet lag throughout the public. It takes a week to adjust to the ”spring forward” circadian adjustment. Advice Expect delays and confusion this week. Prepare for the time change by getting up an hour early the week before so that would be March 1-7 Daylight Saving Time Begins!

By Victoria Martin

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