Astro-Cast on March 24 presents Opportunity and Challenge for All Signs


By Victoria Martin

Mass Psychology – Psychic Weather –  Dominant Moods

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Sunday, March 24, 2019


12:15 AM– 6:15 AM EDT

Commercial and regulatory procedures are on the to-do list.

Progress is helped by patience, research, and marathon capacity.

All day

Super psychic, imaginative, and sensitive would describe the mood or mental

processes dominant now.

3:30 PM– 9:30 PM EDT

Collaborations between healers and special interest groups are developing.

Impresarios, inventors, and innovators are embarking on an energetic chapter.

7:30 PM Sunday –1:30 AM Monday EDT

Destined partnerships include teamwork.

One person may be positioned behind the throne

as an advisor and supporter for the other.



12:15 AM– 6:15 AM EDT

Even a heavy workload is processed easily.

It’s a great time to catch up on chores, social obligations, and correspondence.

Moon trine Mercury retrograde

All day

Schedule practice like meditation, prayer, yoga or dance.

This will keep the energy up and clear your mind. Keep an eye on the target.

Mercury retrograde Conjunct Neptune

3:30 PM– 9:30 PM EDT

Keep the exchange going. A bit of competition is good.

Moon opposed Mars

7:30 PM Sunday –1:30 AM Monday EDT

There’s a bit of shuffling and some odd moments.

No matter how awkward, civility, gratitude, and praise lubricate everything.

Moon square Venus































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