Astro-Cast for January 19’s Opportunities and Challenges for All Signs!


By Victoria Martin

Mass Psychology – Psychic Weather –  Dominant Moods


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Saturday, January 19, 2019



4:30 PM– 10:30 PM CST

Sparkling personalities are fired up.

They may compete and then at some point collaborate.


Third of three days

Geeky science innovations are in plenty and available.

Fixing on a bigger, practical context is good.

Deciding whom or what will fit is ongoing.


5:45 PM-11:45 PM CST

Events, attitudes, or moods tend to enforce rules and restrict freedom.

Those inclined to poetics, comedy, or activism will get more radical or frustrated.


7:15 PM Saturday-1:15 AM Sunday CST

Exciting game changers are developing…the potential for success is good.

Improvisation is a legitimate response to surprises.


Second of five days

Current events are emotionally intense!

The trick is to hold ground, yet make a statement.




4:30 PM– 10:30 PM CST

The urge is to think big, yet much depends on the supporting, governing systems.

Moon square Mars


Third of three days

Also needed are boosters for technical systems support and friendship enhancers.

Humanitarian values are big pluses too.

Sun Square Uranus


5:45 PM-11:45 PM CST

Better results come from reorientation to what fits for the zeitgeist

or a change over to more positive mindsets.

Moon opposed Saturn


7:15 PM Saturday-1:15 AM Sunday CST

Perhaps outside the box tactics will do the trick.

Also, rise above to see the big picture objectively, then proceed.

Moon trine Neptune


Second of five days

It’s also smart to consider how to best serve the agenda while respecting political hierarchies.

The quest for immortality and/or achievement calls for multifaceted transformations.

Full Moon Phase











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