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Victoria Martin



By Victoria Martin



Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead


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Astrological Forecast & Advice

Mass Psychology Forecast July 12- July 19, 2020

The emphasis is on teamwork and planning as we sail into a New Moon phase. The 3-week information marathon ends as Mercury returns to forward motion Sunday.

July 18-22 FORECAST Expect some testy times as institutions scramble to accommodate administrative requirements.  This is anything but a summer vacation, but in a few days, stress and anxiety will lessen. ADVICE Do the best job possible and stay on schedule!

New Moon Phase Opposed Saturn

Sunday, July 12

Wee Hours- Morning FORECAST There’s a focus on finding the proper direction for a number of projects. Activity at any hub or center serves ongoing relations. ADVICE Select what is useful and/or what is truthful.

Mercury stationery returned to direct motion

All day FORECAST Even in the fiercest competitions there are signs of compassion and compromise. Good sportsmanship is a discipline and could bring eventual camaraderie between opponents. ADVICE Encourage a show of skill and talent! Participants can be coaxed to catalyze spiritual evolution.

Sun trine Neptune

All day FORECAST The freeze-frame snapshot of a harvest or results from the lab get a final score. The assessments continue today and tomorrow. ADVICE The exams of ongoing projects –developed in the last three weeks –are ready for cuts and final production.

Moon square sun last quarter moon visible at done in the sky Zenith

Evening – Night FORECAST Experiments, product testing, and quality assessments are helpful deeds. There are decisions about how to sell projects, develop items, or enrich ideas. ADVICE Success depends on pairing with lucky people or fortunate institutions. Choose what options feel the most alive and happy.

Moon Square Jupiter

Night-Wee Hours FORECAST Working in the lab is fascinating, but the final score on items– regarding positive results and marketability– is important. ADVICE Estimate effects and survey trends. Consider potential sponsors, consumers, and/or audience.

Moon square Pluto

Monday, July 13

Morning- Afternoon FORECAST A sequence of meetings engage minds and earn prestige. Sophisticated groups develop strategies to suit current complex conditions.  ADVICE Know with you’re dealing and use past records, the process of elimination, and probability analysis to predict realistically how it will work out.

Moon square Saturn

First, of three days FORECAST Fortunate partnership options and lucky teams are forming today and for the next two days. This is often in the main context of celebrations, competitions, and contests. ADVICE Jump on good options! Pair up with co-conspirators, colleagues, and soulful, talented people.

Sun opposed Jupiter

Tuesday, July 14

Morning- Afternoon FORECAST The future is visible within crystallizing new ideas. All of the prime elements supporting creativity are available. ADVICE The key concepts operating here are novelty and innovation.

Moon conjunct Uranus

First, of three days FORECAST An awareness of strong ulterior motives, transformation goals, or primal urges intrinsic to allies is very helpful. ADVICE Take the pulse of feelings happening, know how to best serve the greater good, and be flexible.

Sun opposed Pluto

Second of three days FORECAST This is a peak-time for outreach, diplomacy, and education. Forming new partnerships is especially favored. ADVICE Make opportunity real through exploring connections, alliances, and fortunate associations. Do all you can to benefit others and be generous within reason.

Sun opposed Jupiter

Wednesday, July 15

Third of three days FORECAST Lucky options pop-up and many are perfect for the here and now. ADVICE Actual manifestations may require the courage to implement and help from friends or allies.

Sun opposed Jupiter

Morning FORECASTAdditional help comes from elite circles and special interest groups. ADVICE Inventors and scientists provide inspiration.

Moon trine Jupiter

Morning – Afternoon FORECAST Exploring the depths of human passions and acting on desires is a natural pursuit now. ADVICE Knowledge of primal motives is key to progress or marketing. That includes support of mating urges, turf claims, and resource grabs.

Moon trine Pluto

Second, of three days FORECAST Pending negotiations include trade-offs and reconciliation. It’s important to push the deals through! ADVICE Stick to your plan but make compromises if necessary.

Sun opposed Pluto

Evening – Night FORECAST Just listening to someone recount a tragedy is one way to make bonds and form trust. ADVICE Authorities would do well to embed noble missions in work or education. Universal friendship and altruism are appealing to seekers. If apropos greater tolerance in close relations could enhance loyalty.

Moon trine Saturn

Thursday, July 16

Night-Wee Hours FORECAST Marks of status and distinctive talents are on display now. A show of power is occurring. ADVICE Charming overtures had best engage all the sensory modes. Experiences that use feeling, hearing, tasting, and visions are dynamic. The use of success prone options are smart, yet require objectivity.

Moon conjunct Venus

Friday, July 17

Afternoon -Evening FORECAST Therapy brings an understanding of negative thoughts and cures for bad habits. Due to recent and current circumstances, there is a need for self-regeneration. ADVICE Some humoring and taming animal-like human traits is progressive. This is a noble task set upon all of us. The best leadership plan inspires courage, gratitude, and tolerance.

Moon square Neptune

Saturday, July 19

first, of five days, FORECAST Proposals are best evolved to accommodate specs but also be pleasing to VIPs and administrators. ADVICE We are gearing up for important events and initiatives that focus on strong vitality and enriching friendship.

New moon phase

Night-Wee Hours FORECAST Expect lots of communications and vivid thinking! Assertive mentalities focus on branding.  Also, it seems time to lessen burdens and brighten communications. Overall a fun and brainy time is experienced. ADVICE The emphasis is on icons and symbols that invoke emotions. Entertainment is of value especially if it outlines as ways to make the best possible pathway.

Moon conjunct Mercury

Highlights Next Week & Beyond

August 1-5 FORECAST Balanced viewpoints’ emergence and wonder-working activities are standouts. ADVICE Moods of mania and/or depression often accompany a full moon coupled with socializing impulses. Extreme highs and lows mellow out as the moon’s light dims in a few days.

Full Moon Phase

August 16-20 FORECAST Serious and ready for outreach could describe the front runner leaders now. It seems fated or destined– in a supernatural manner– that some people ascend higher in the ranks. ADVICE Join together people with contrasting opinions. Embrace the extraordinary and esoteric. Appeal to the hearts of others and follow scientific guidelines.

New Moon Phase

   By Victoria Martin

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