Astrologer’s Almanac April 11-17, 2021 -A Winston Diamond Cluster

=Victoria Martin



By Victoria Martin



Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead


A Winston Diamond Cluster

Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

Almanac ~April 11 thru April 17, 2021


.The Week’s Highlights

April 9-13 FORECAST Working in the lab is compelling. Assembling equipment, methods, and systems is a way to start. Each different talent requires or inspires an individual setup. ADVICE Do a survey of extremely different points of view. For added intensity put contrasting groups in the same room or zoom. A focus on purpose and schedule allotments for experiments is important.

New Moon Phase

April 10-12 FORECAST Plutocrats are not easily advancing new techniques nor are they embracing radical, innovative plans. ADVICE The goals of powerful people may not harmonize with trending inventions so step lightly with regard to updates!

Venus Square Pluto

April 15-17 FORECAST Here are signs about how to make beneficial changes. What is involved: seeing into the motivation or depths of a person. ADVICE Seeing the psyche depths brings insight into political or primal modes. This is sometimes scary, yet can be useful as a truth-teller and wake-up call.

Sun square Pluto 

Sunday, April 11

Morning FORECAST Sparkling words and focused visions give rise to revelation and rescue. ADVICE Make the best of the situation via ingenuity and high style. Good sportsmanship is the way to go for a full victory.

Moon Conjunct Mercury

Third of five days FORECAST Here This is a time for a retake on the fundamentals of civilizations. In focus is successful commercial venues and information representation. ADVICE Carry forth models and paradigms from history into modern times. Experiment goals or charts of results are helpful to form the best possible plan.

New Moon Phase

All day FORECAST In focus is revolutions in social, art, or finance. Especially worth attention are those that need to get into the system. ADVICE Friends or colleagues may be a source of alternative strategies.

Venus Square Pluto

Monday, April 12

Morning FORECAST Confronting abuse of power includes revealing injustice. ADVICE Brainwashing, propagandizing, and crowd control methods may be unscrupulous. Beware of subtle coercion.

Moon Square Pluto

Fourth of five days FORECAST There’s an intense need for unique discovery, timely invention, or adventure planning. ADVICE Find a lab, studio, or creative haven to foster the production of good work.

New Moon Phase

Morning FORECAST In the works now is hitting on combinations that portray ultimate beauty, eternal virtues, and reliable pleasures. ADVICE Focus on the points that display well and work within the experiment zone.

Moon conjunct Venus

                                                                          Tuesday, April 13                                                                    

Morning FORECAST Featured now are insights regarding future trends or groups’ missions and trajectories. Science and technology influence forecasts are forthcoming. ADVICE Capture the information and document the moment. Tolerate wacky behavior!

Moon conjunct Uranus

Fifth of five days FORECAST Formative conditions and feedback will be community-based or collaboration-friendly. ADVICE Endeavor to serve groups, grace circles, or contribute to projects that ‘fix the world’ or enhance the quality of life!

New Moon Phase 

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST A challenge to authority or an exam of traditional healing and teaching modes are in progress. ADVICE Take what works or is easily assimilated. Tolerate criticism and be a good sport regarding the game’s rules or limits!

Moon square Saturn

                                                                      Wednesday, April 14                                                             

First of 3 days FORECAST This is a time of emerging political struggles or power strangleholds. Those decisions vary by individual groups. ADVICE There are demographic clusters that resist change, shun upgrades, or question evolution. This is a prerogative.

Sun Square Pluto 

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST There are many options and some seem outstanding. ADVICE Resist the danger of pushing your luck too far or overreaching. However, grab opportunities ASAP.

Moon Square Jupiter

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Tragic figures are elevated; some profiles verge on the anti-heroic. ADVICE Famous people’s faults are forgiven since they achieve the goals of wealth, power, and romance.  Not everyone agrees and many people prefer virtuous role models.

Moon trine Pluto

         Thursday, April 15

First of three Days FORECAST Emerging secrets are compelling and transformational plans are. They paint an intriguing picture. Conflicts of interest are likely. ADVICE Look for signs of how to evolve properly. There are indications and omens appearing within group activities /interactions. Expert-based interviews are powerful or inspiring.

Sun square Pluto 

      Friday, April 16

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Expect mutual support to build via activity at meetings. A smooth flow of itineraries happens at heroic events. Dramatic incidents forge interpersonal bonds. Both miniature and maximum missions are budding nicely. ADVICE Alternately, authorities are helpful regarding tutorials on healing, teaching, and performing extraordinary feats.

Moon trine Saturn

Second of three Days FORECAST It becomes evident that alterations are inevitable. However, other demands say that small adjustments are sufficient. ADVICE, Either way, situations’ expectations, egoistic motives, or prideful investments could be disappointed. Better to be flexible but optimistic. 

Sun square Pluto

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST Therapy methods play a part in stories especially if the happy endings. ADVICE Shun toxins and neutralize enemies. The adversaries may be hidden and in plain sight. Habits –like overconsumption– even if they feel good are in begging for healthy adaption and modesty reforms.

Moon square Neptune

All day FORECAST Enterprising and optimistic are prime attitudes/qualities manifesting now in the context of new projects. Assignments current and old get a boost. ADVICE Utilize the extant lively spirit to encourage works, social life, and education.

Mars trine Jupiter

    Saturday, April 17

       Third of three Days FORECAST Different viewpoints brought together and surprise pairings weave miraculous stories. They do a best-possible combination outcome when sophisticated negotiators are utilized. ADVICE Transformation efforts gain/get a catalyst due to the use of contrasting elements.

Sun Square Pluto

Morning FORECAST Events feature larger-than-life personalities.  Fortunate options pop up for those in the prosperity flow. ADVICE Use breathtaking spectacles to gain luck and popularity. Strong performance abilities are a plus.

Moon trine Jupiter

Morning FORECAST Statements of leadership or shows of physical strength are tangible. ADVICE It’s okay to be an instigator, especially on a grand scale. Think like a giant and be heroic or dramatic.

Moon conjunct Mars

All day FORECAST Confusion or conflicts are due to hidden motives emerging. Evidently, there are diverse purposes and some sprout intrigue. Coercion bubbles up and it’s tricky to maintain dignity and poise. ADVICE Be honest and even-tempered as secrets are revealed. Use discreet handling of confidential material and wise inner guidance.

Mercury Square Pluto

Highlights April & May

April 24-28 FORECAST The brightening moon has the effect of lighting up each person’s face and aura. Actions distilling honor or appointing semi-divine status are in process. Ceremonies are useful; they will denote status and or indicate a state of the psyche. ADVICE Put something distinctive on your head to gain attention. Also use design, humor, modesty, and outreach – admittedly an unlikely combination—to assure a big win.

Full Moon Phase

 April 28- May 2 FORECAST Many forecasters and predictors glimpse the future or speculate about futurism. There are radical actions and novelties available. ADVICE This is a time for a direct download or link up to innovative, ingenious ideas. Some strange behavior or eccentric ‘acting out incidents’ are likely side manifestations.

Sun Conjunct Uranus 

May 9-13 FORECAST There are mixed feelings regarding the new and different. Elite groups are seeking members as well as plans about inventions or general direction. ADVICE Special digestion or processing becomes vigorous and interesting.

New Moon Phase

Eclipses Spring 2021                                                                     

May 24-28 FORECAST Rethinking strategy could lead to a better plan. Consider factors of popularity points gained. ADVICE Use military tactics combined with empire-building methods, Keep your heart set on benevolent results

Full Moon Phase @ Scorpion’s heart the Lunar Eclipse is  May 26 

June 7-12 FORECAST Therapeutic exercises could highlight miraculous methods including special roles for females. ADVICE Aristocratic bearing and service-oriented ambitions enhance success potential. Use those postures if possible

New Moon Phase AT Bull’s Horns contains an annular (ringed)  the Solar Eclipse  is   June 10


                                                                                                              By Victoria Martin

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