Astro -Cast Highlights for This Week November 10 – 17

Victoria Martin



By Victoria Martin




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Astrological Forecast & Advice

Week of  November 10-17, 2019


Highlights for October 31 -November 14

October 31- November 20 FORECAST The next three weeks feature a rush of ideas, interactions, and contacts! This is a joy for some, but too much information for others. ADVICE Orientation depends on marathon aptitude, open-mindedness, and organization skills.

Mercury retrograde 

November 10-14 FORECAST A spotlight is shining on elite communities and special interest groups. They are studied to determine the organizing principles. Focal leaders, opinion gatherers, or instigators are big players. ADVICE Knowing how communities organize, i.e. sociology, is a prime time study.  This is networking on a grand scale and could be the key to prosperous camaraderie, production, and money-making. Full Moon Phase

Highlights for this Week

Sunday, November 10 

Early Morning FORECAST Here is the option for a survey ranging from high spiritual or intellect influences to way down in the instinctive or survival mode. Advice A consideration of visionary ideas as well as the tides and hierarchies at work is great synthesis and/or a combination.

Moon opposed Mars

First of five days FORECAST  Many people are coaxing their projects along. It seems right to visualize success. These are furthered via active listening and innovative pairings. Advice Anticipate what will be the most viable strategies and put those plans in motion. To manifest desires, mine the thread of gold.

Full moon phase 

Morning FORECAST Good luck depends on timing and correct placement and inner guidance will help with this now. Talent and improvisational manifestations are easily shown. Advice Generous or educational activities are welcome. A participatory event will be fun too.

Moon trine Jupiter

Wee Hours  FORECAST This is the most eccentric, charismatic, and innovative time of the month; it brings surprises and genius moments. Advice If you have puzzles or problems that require outside-the-box solutions, this is the time to get to work on them.

Moon Conjunct Uranus

Monday, November 11                                                                                                                         

Second of five days FORECAST  Almost everyone is multitasking, attending to lots of projects and dealing with a full social schedule. Advice Building up lots of good, smart work will lead to a breakthrough.

Full moon phase

All day FORECAST The urge to produce solutions and remove obstacles is favorable. Advice New displays demonstrate how to deal with up-close experiences and marathon themes.

Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde. Transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun

Late Night FORECAST Intake or collecting methods gain approval. Elite or special interest groups are featured Advice In order to manifest longevity and satisfaction, call on experts, VIPs, and elders. Moon trine Saturn

Tuesday, November 12

Early Morning FORECAST Visits, discussions, and cordial consideration make allies grow closer. Advice Oddly, interaction with competitors can manifest useful criticism and worthwhile analysis.

Moon opposed Mercury retrograde

Third of five days FORECAST Awareness of intake functions–which seems like a feeding frenzy–sheds light on corporate ranking. Advice Strategy enactment, smart work, persistent application and focus on outcome bring success.

Full moon phase

Morning FORECAST Elitist groups and original thinkers spawn miraculous inventions! There is some concern about money, politics, and motives even in trusting relationships. Advice Experts will be very sophisticated in most ways, so they are good role models.

Moon trine Pluto

Wednesday, November 13

All day FORECAST Status advances are in the works, treasure discoveries are happening and espionage is ongoing. These compelling deeds and insights are enhanced through intuition, imagination, and empathy. Advice It takes a magic touch––in addition to instincts and strategy––to hit the target.

Mercury retrograde trine Neptune

Fourth of five days FORECAST The peak experiences available now are lessons for a lifetime. Advice One of the resounding proverbs is that perseverance pays off.

Full moon phase

Thursday, November 14 

Early Morning FORECAST A need to balance personal interests along with those of constituents seem to be in order. Advice Add complementary ideas together; this will please people, captivate attention and bring pleasure.

Moon opposed Venus

Morning FORECAST Heroic acts, noble ambitions, and positive momentum increase. However conditions are chaotic and vulnerable points are prominent. Accommodations are minimal; there is scant fluffy treatment. Advice However elated you are, make a move to protect sensitivities in yourself or others. Move to limit debilitating factors. Think of this is a remedial phase.

Moon square Neptune

Fifth of five days FORECAST Many people are sending out scouts and examiners or instigators. Dealing with vast amount of data, materials, or assignments is very interesting. Advice Strategic responses and responsible reports are big helpers. Current assignments require patience and persistence. Success comes after gritty, smart work is done.

Full moon phase

All day FORECAST A critique of fantasy, propaganda, chemistry and other privileged access systems is tedious but beneficial. Advice  Use the brainpower of a scientist and the lens of a detective to see what is going on. Focus n how current conditions could benefit or harm your interests.

Venus square Neptune

Friday, November 15

Early Morning FORECAST Rich sources become available, benevolent ideas are clear, and an outsider mindset is a viable component. Advice It’s possible to make great discoveries and find partners interested in the same mission as you are.

Moon opposed Jupiter

Morning FORECAST Energetic development and useful combinations are likely to occur. Advice Prioritize engineering ability and other specialized areas of expertise. Moon Trine Mars

Saturday, November 16     

Morning FORECAST Marathons, rapid succession tasks, or group events require stamina. Special themes set people free and inspire camaraderie. Advice Trust and friendship are gifts. True gratitude provokes long-term grace.

Moon trine Mercury Retrograde

Afternoon FORECAST What is available now is a wide sense of tolerance, good humor, and a go with the flow attitude. Advice Conditions favor improvisation, deep searching, and creativity.

Moon trine Neptune

Evening FORECAST Other points of view emerge in meetings or strike within the framework of current projects. Advice This is especially useful if the opinions come from a VIP or an authority figure.

Moon opposed Saturn

Late Night FORECAST Motives become more visible and there’s profound awareness via an exchange, discussion, or contests. Expect to witness typically secret information coming to light. Advice You can intensify this if you have listening skills and/or interviewing techniques… be a sponge!

Moon opposed Pluto

Sunday, November 17

Morning FORECAST People get rated according to charisma and innovation. Advice Show your brilliance yet work within commercial and justice formats. Give all you can yet don’t burn yourself out.

Moon trine Sun

Night FORECAST There’s likely to be a competitive spirit or rivalry mode in effect. This could spark friction between highly polarized factions. Advice Surprises could work either way– that is– for or against desired outcome. Use improvisation, technology, or freedom within an effective structure.

Moon Square Uranus

Highlights for November 20-28

November 20-28 FORECAST Here is an excellent time to bestow blessings, make wishes, and declare love. There is a tendency towards hyperbole or exaggeration! Also promising too much is a slight danger. Benevolent plans could oddly include alluring and attractive intrigues. Advice Operate within reasonable limits! There’s much mystery in art and advertising. People born December 16-20 are especially lucky now. Guard against indulgence or overspending to get love, money or ideas.

Venus conjunct Jupiter 

November 22-26 FORECAST Contest between instigator-pioneers and radical-eccentrics fireworks is certain. This is going to be a thrilling show. Socially prominent people and dignitaries probe rich sources. Advice  Get in on programs about philanthropy, Earth science, organic cycles, novelty, and heritage to make this a fascinating time. Taking on extra personal security will be a prudent safeguard.

Mars opposed Uranus

November 24-28 FORECAST High power teams are blending now. Potent partnerships or long-term soul mates can be trusted within proprietary or secret situations. Advice Other strategies cooking now employ all kinds of mysterious and esoteric methods. Know who’s with you and who isn’t. Judgments are based on past records, and each person’s current state and best estimate future trajectory.

New Moon Phase conjunct  stars Alpha Centarus and Antares

by Victoria Martin