Astro -Cast Highlights for the This Week (September 15- 21)

Auspicious and/or Important Timeframes for the Week ahead

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Astrological Forecast & Advice

Week September 15-21, 2019


Sunday, September 15

12 AM– 6 AM EDT

FORECAST Contacts with experts impart good advice,

wise teachings, and future growth assignments.

ADVICE Tap into unique–yet reliable– sources for expertise and knowledge.

Come prepared with ideas and ask questions.

Moon conjunct Dwarf planet Chiron

Fourth of five days

FORECAST We are all monitoring interesting,

delicate and/or precarious situations at this point. This is done via

reports and dialogues.

ADVICE Stay in balance, employ advisers, keep

your finger on the pulse, don’t get carried away and be home by


Full Moon phase

Monday, September 16

The fifth of five days

FORECAST Expect a rush of revelations about

your social life, publicity, and partnerships.

ADVICE Use your intuition about relationships and pay attention to psychic flashes and


Full moon phase

Tuesday, September 17

Late Afternoon & Evening

FORECAST Genius-type innovations manifest!

This imparts brilliance but also nonconformity, intensity, and nervous


ADVICE Be a charismatic, friendly influence. Stay cool and

take notes on emerging ideas, both personal and those of others.

Moon conjunct Uranus

Wednesday, September 18

Morning & Afternoon

FORECAST Discovery and/or download of venerable,

strong ideas contribute to advancement. The bonus is info about what

makes a center attractive.

ADVICE Easy incorporation of tradition

methods for sparking progress and composing magnetism i.e. ‘a draw’

comes to the rescue.

Moon trine Saturn

Late Evening

FORECAST Consuming vast quantities of cultural

information and/or sustenance /raw energy will get sorted out.

ADVICE Instruction guides actions. Be especially regarding what will help


Moon trine Pluto

Thursday, September 19


FORECAST Tragedy and humility stories could emerge via

pop up advertisers, invitations, events, and offers are well endowed.

ADVICE Take advantage of the harvest available and make profits as


Moon trine Sun

Friday, September 20


FORECAST Options include lively discussions, insider

information, trouble avoidance, and outreach. Talk about the mood or

psychic weather and current cultural conditions are timely.

ADVICE Compliments about anything spreads goodwill. If a group is called to a

mission everything flows smoother… actions are almost effortless and

progress is faster too.

Moon trine Venus

Late Morning -Afternoon 

FORECAST A hit list and a positive attitude

are workable methods available to most people/folks.

ADVICE Phrases, buzzwords, creeds, commands, and manifestos do the job.

Moon trine Mercury

Late Evening

FORECAST Inventors’ groups think tanks, and focus groups

are thriving. The flavor of unifying qualities may be ethnicity,

shared interests or pure elitism. Activities range from outreach to

optimism generation.

ADVICE Prosperity is an ever-evolving goal

encompassing the health of spirit and body. Opportunities pop up via

social and/or business/professional connections, so be ready to jump

on them.

Moon opposed Jupiter

Late Evening

FORECAST Heroes have a way of cutting through the swamps

and sludge.

ADVICE Worth considering are minor dangers and vulnerable

points. Offer protection if there is a concern. Be aware of delusion

or impediments and clear the psyche ASAP. 

Moon square Neptune

Saturday, September 21

Late Evening

FORECAST Personal theatrics, fun and compelling beliefs

are used in advertising, marketing, and promotions. The way branding

works is sort of a magic act.

ADVICE Some symbols or iconography can

directly relate to the product or business. Other images and stories

seem arbitrary, yet they attract attention. As long as appropriate

engagement happens there is validity.

Moon square Sun

Highlights for Late September

September 26-30

FORECAST Signs and moods present at beginnings,

openings and startups are vivid and significant. Examine and use all

languages visual, numeric, and verbal to make your point and advance

your agenda!

New Moon phase squared to Pluto


by Victoria Martin