Astrologer’s Almanac November 22-28, 2020 ~Lunar Eclipse is on the Way!

Victoria Martin



By Victoria Martin



Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead




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Almanac November 22 -28, 2020

Highlights This Week

All Week FORECAST Getting ready for the lunar eclipse on November 30 is a feat! During a lunar eclipse, the light vanishes in a literal and metaphoric sense. ADVICE To counter ‘the darkness’ we can focus now upon noble pursuits as well as remedies for potential trouble spots. Lunar eclipses symbolize the elimination of outworn habits, old relations, or dead ideas. Then restored enlightenment follows quickly.

Full Moon Phase November 28-December 2 will contain a lunar eclipse November 30 @ 4:30 AM EST. 

Sunday, November 22

All Day FORECAST This is a wildcard day and it may be difficult to gain traction. ADVICE Perform menial tasks and/or lay low.

No geometric relations between the planets 

Monday, November 23

Morning-Afternoon  FORECAST Healing and trend forecasting is helped by emerging information. ADVICE Use empathy and incorporate legal or commercial factors.

Moon trine Mercury

Morning FORECAST The most transcendent day of the month will foster ESP and imagination. However there’s also hypersensitivity and confusion. ADVICE Be selective, rest and regroup use sensible inner guidance.

Moon conjunct Neptune

All Day   FORECAST Imagination coupled with commercial necessity paves the way to success. ADVICE Synthesize satisfactory and exemplary actions.

Mercury trine Neptune

Tuesday, November 24

Afternoon  FORECAST Here’s a survey on reputation and community affiliations. Special focus is regarding potential partnerships. ADVICE Use instinctive psyche and wide perspectives. That will inform about the characters with whom you’re dealing.

Moon trine Sun

Evening- Night  FORECAST A focus on healing, teaching, advising activity pushes past normal activity. It is possible to raise funds and or elevate awareness. ADVICE Words are not enough, so use images and stimulate the other four senses.

Moon conjunct Chiron

Wednesday, November 25

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Super potent energy can be developed in the form of enthusiasm, manifestations, production, or social interaction. ADVICE No matter what activity you are doing at this point, a physical strength warm-up enhancement is helpful.

Moon conjunct Mars

Morning FORECAST In the experimental or building stage that is useful but daunting to get feedback from savvy people. ADVICE Expect powerful feedback if you ask for it… which could be very useful! Just take a deep breath before and after.

Moon square Pluto

Thursday, November 26

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST This episode contains a game or sports quality. ADVICE In this case stamina, persistence, and a playful determination will take the prize.

Moon Square Jupiter

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Things get a bit more serious as submissions, contributions, and offerings are compared to the best. ADVICE To get everything ready compare yourself to the category you’re submitting to.

Moon square Saturn

Friday, November 27

All day FORECAST Amazing art interventions, wild infatuations, and futuristic styles are emerging. ADVICE Wait and see if any of these take hold they may be initially interesting, but just flights of fancy.

Venus opposed Uranus

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Wonder filled rich sources and miscellaneous treasures are available via science and technology. ADVICE Accommodate or embrace the prize developments ingenious flashes that may prove to be useful or just fizzle out.

Moon conjunct Uranus

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Different introductions and harmonies involved with arts and friendship are offered. ADVICE Expect to do some adjustments to please others, accommodate current situations, or increase the materials at hand.

Moon opposed Venus

All Day FORECAST Getting ready for the lunar eclipse on November 30 is something of a feat! The light may seem to vanish in the metaphoric sense. We can anticipate noble pursuit as well as potential trouble spots now. Full Moon Phase November 28-December 2 will contain a lunar eclipse November 30 @ 3:30 AM CST ADVICE Lunar eclipses symbolize the elimination of outworn habits-ideas and restoration of enlightenment.

Pre-eclipse premonitions aka warm-up

Saturday, November 28

First of Five Days FORECAST Double duties: fixing your world and/or enhancing community contributions are foremost. ADVICE Get a grip on what you have to offer then affirm your inclination towards action!

Full Moon Phase

Evening Saturday – Wee Hours Sunday EST FORECAST Utilizing resources and political allies may be a positive theme for today. ADVICE Play by the rules as they are set down. These may change/morph, so be ready for that too.

Moon Trine Pluto

Highlights Next Week

November 28-December 2 FORECAST A rush of options requires a careful pick of the best ones. ADVICE Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to discard losers!

Full Moon Phase lunar eclipse  

December 11-31 FORECAST A new business cycle brings in a new 12-year trend that embraces altruism and Sifts as well as profit. ADVICE Aligned to Altair the Eagle; This Jupiter-Saturn conjunction heralds an increased humanism and keen sightedness. Data surveillance used in medicine, commerce, and by the government is likely.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn

December 12-16 FORECAST Resetting the community goals is favored especially those that unite all people. Social intrigue is welcome; the mystery is enticing. ADVICE Lots of charm, close competition, and sharp tongues will make matters interesting. Many people are really feeling the issues of outsider versus insider. They may be in both roles as per different situations.

New Moon Phase Contains a total solar eclipse

By Victoria Martin

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