Astro -Cast Mass Psychology for This Week January 19-25

Victoria Martin



By Victoria Martin




Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead



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Astrological Forecast & Advice

Mass Psychology Forecast January19-25,2020

Highlights for the Weeks Ahead

January 22 – 26

FORECAST The focus is on superior powers of observation and high

standards. Social and professional updates to operations are

invigorating. A popular modus operandi is outreach and developing the

potential within peer groups. Advice Altruistic goals and or

humanitarian motives are favored.

New Moon phase is aligned to superstar Altair in the eagle constellation

Highlights for this Week Ahead

Sunday, January 19

All Day FORECAST A ‘Wild Card’ Day. It may be challenging to gain

traction. Advice Focus on menial tasks. Take a day off!

No ‘Aspects’ aka geometric relations between the planets

Monday, January 20

Evening and late-night FORECAST Healing motives are admirable, but a

thick web of complexity surrounds current situations. Advice Realize

what toxins, bad investments, or harmful habits need to be deleted.

Moon square Neptune

Tuesday, January 21

All Day FORECAST Another ‘Wild Card’ Day. It may be difficult to gain

traction. Advice Focus on menial tasks. Take a day off! No ‘Aspects’

aka geometric relations between the planets

Wednesday, January 22

Wee hours and early morning FORECAST Expect harmony to persist in

spite of stinging words, annihilating actions, or basic self-defense

reflexes. Advice These actions bring effective change. However, some

managers can synthesize opposing ideas, and that is inspirational.

Moon trine Uranus

First of five days FORECAST There is an invitation to go along for the

ride! You can jump on the bandwagon. Advice In so doing, it is

essential to adapt to customs, mores, and popularity swings.

New Moon Phase

First of three days FORECAST A continued exam of futuristic,

technological, or charismatic themes is ongoing. Advice Weed out what

is too weird. Keep it friendly and use innovative features.

Sun Square Uranus

Evening and Late night FORECAST The doors are open to those coming

forward with the community- based missions or viable plans. Advice

Take advantage of the positive sentiment. Go with the winners drop the


Moon conjunct Jupiter

Thursday, January 23

Second of three days FORECAST It is possible to work within the

system, yet use a bit of innovation. Advice Test the waters to see how

much futurism, what type of originality, and which wild ideas will


Sun Square Uranus

Afternoon and evening FORECAST Here are clues about power, sex, and

money that will clarify the issues and foreshadow fix-it assignments.

Many of us are preparing strategies for two years ahead. Advice Your

sensing, intuition, and gut feeling are your foundation.

Moon conjunct Pluto

Second of five days FORECAST A priority is to build a program for the

development of integrity, sophistication, and productivity. Factors to

consider are individual attitude and posture as well as business and

cultural trends. Advice  The basis of mechanics and chemistry are worth

checking. A tally of physical environment factors: as pros or cons are


New Moon Phase

Evening and night FORECAST Pioneers and a quest, mystics, and

philosophers grab attention. This is for good reason; they are on the

verge of becoming experts. Advice Deep, deep thinking can impact plans

in family and community, often for the better. Moon conjunct Saturn

Friday, January 24

Morning early afternoon FORECAST It is time to test drive the new

inserts, uploads. And adaptations. Advice Hands-on experience will

show what works and what doesn’t.

Moon square Uranus

Third of three days FORECAST Semi final decisions about what level of

revolution and the invention is apropos. Advice Think in terms of not

trying to change too much all at once. Be active and pave the way

for the future.

Sun Square Uranus

Third of five days FORECAST Very intense competition between people

and projects is felt. The choice favors who or what is sophisticated,

impressive, and long-living. Advice Habits analyzed can inspire a

movement towards improvements. Maximum effectiveness is vital.

New Moon Phase

Saturday, January 25

Late morning early evening FORECAST A wonder-worker scheme could go

chameleon. That is, take on qualities of their context or situation.

Advice Surrounding plans interject estimating diagrams and maps that

are a huge help.

Moon conjunct Mercury

Fourth of five days FORECAST The task of generating popularity and

altruistic project’s support is daunting but worthwhile. Advice

Conditions are solidified via commitments, patriotism, and respectful

manners. This is a great time to form sophisticated unions, cliques,

and committees. New Moon Phase

Highlights for next Week

January 27-29 FORECAST The imagination runs wild, and many

transformative options are offered. It seems that the shadow or dream

world is mighty, yet it can be distracting as well. Advice True

healing takes place when toxic or harmful elements are eliminated.

Mars square Neptune

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