Astrologer’s Almanac January 17 -January 24, 2021 ~ Diamonds set by Graff

Victoria Martin



By Victoria Martin



Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead


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Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

Almanac January 17~January 24, 2021

Highlights for the Week

January 11-24 forecast Speculation and discussion about how technology provides access to valuable sources or the bottom line is useful. This can support altruism, protect humans, and advance civil culture. ADVICE Keep abreast of opinions, trends and science. The trick is to do all the above yet not be invasive.

Jupiter square Uranus                               

January 18-22 forecast The impact of tech and futurism in general sparks eccentric and contrary behavior.  This is another digital divide: good for those who upgrade! ADVICE Sometimes geniuses, scientists and inventors demo odd traits but it is best to tolerate that.  Avoid violent people, radical crowds, and bizarre situations if possible.

Mars conjunct Uranus 

January 21-25 forecast The most serious styles and classic-attuned time of the year shows sophistication. However, the heart of the matter has altruistic and humanistic values at its core. ADVICE Tight surveillance endeavors and sci-fi properties are qualities that are sure to be pronounced. ADVICE Call on those with insider knowledge and find the best way to thrive.

Sun conjunct Saturn 

January 21-25 forecast A refit on ideas regarding management, manufacturing, and business upgrades is in progress. ADVICE Monitor evolving situations. Juggle and balance points of observations: groups, products, and one’s own well-being.

Mars square Jupiter

     Sunday, January 17  

All Day FORECAST  Windfalls and major inspiration will catalyze miraculous creativity. Some excitement is excessive yet it is best to enjoy the enthusiasm. ADVICE Correct placement and staffing successes are coupled with readiness for a spectacularly successful outcome.

Jupiter Square Uranus 

1:30 AM-7:30 AM EST FORECAST We are really cooking. That is the way to describe the feel of events, interactions, and emerging ideas. The flavor of the day is transcendent–– yet embedded––via symbols, dreams, and poetic language. ADVICE If possible avoid foggy thinking, toxins, and escapism. Rather make the magic work in the real world.

Moon conjunct Neptune

Monday, January 18

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Perspectives from above and below glean tips for teaching, healing, and correction. Expert’s wisdom seems near perfect for current issues. ADVICE Find the vulnerable points then use a combo of instincts and intellect to fit/correct/enhance the situation.

Moon  Conjunct Chiron

First of Three Days FORECAST Developments in science and technology are energized and embodied. Unusual elements as per invention and spontaneity are used. ADVICE Be ready to utilize surprises that appear then apply to your benefit.

Mars Conjunct Uranus

Tuesday, January 19 

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Visualizing the best possible outcome can happen. The best of science, law, and arts leaders add sparkling personalities. ADVICE Environmental factors plus local legends will influence judgment, plans, and outcomes. Moon square Venus

Wednesday, January 20 

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST A sense of civilization at this moment contains diverse ideas, materials, and plans. An active juxtaposition of contrasting teams is likely to produce fireworks. ADVICE The best bet is to be positive and use transformational methods. For swift results avoid controversies; rather find a common goal.

Moon square Pluto

Second of Three Days FORECAST Brilliant new developments emphasize individuality, freedom, and invention. ADVICE Follow the methods of famous contrarian thinkers. Use fraternal organizations’ guidelines, geometric design, and heritage celebrations. Improved regulation of organic activity is healthy.

Mars Conjunct Uranus 

Afternoon-Evening (peaks effect is at sunset) FORECAST The checkpoint issue now is regarding both new plans, viable mechanics, and support. A goal and guiding light is to teach or heal as many people as possible. ADVICE This endeavor calls for the proper tools, formulae, and raw material. Use what has historically worked for career, spirituality, and social life.

Moon square Sun

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST The assignment at this time is to update altruistic traditions into a modern mode. Also, a renewed interest in microscopic life –revealed by science –has permeated visual culture ADVICE It seems important to please authorities on subjects of the community either elite or grassroots.  Social factions living gently and inspirationally on the earth are onto something.

Moon square Saturn

Thursday, January 21

Third of Three Days FORECAST Many philosophers search for an entirely new mode of thought. There is much excitement about a revival coalescing but the details are not yet clear. ADVICE New sources become available, so it is time to seek them out and use them.

Mars Conjunct Uranus 

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST A full premonition of 2021 products and manifestations is available. A more productive—yet radical– trend emerges regarding treasures from heritage and history. ADVICE Use leadership pointers and boost organization via emulation of the heart’s function within living systems, contrary thinking, and benevolent societies.

Moon Conjunct Uranus & Mars

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST New ways of wonderworking include rich sources: items from history, science, and heritage. ADVICE Luck has its own rules! Use what is popular, but virtuous. Organic life paradigms are wholesome and guide fortunate picks.

Moon square Jupiter

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST A monitor on intake—info or raw materials—is helpful for control. Use catalysts to accelerate or slow down the processes at hand. Also, music or other arts are valued as inspiration or energizers.

Moon Trine Venus

Friday, January 22

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Expect offers from elite groups and inventors. A pursuit of mystery taps into ideas, media, and communications as potential luck. Happiness comes from friendships and accomplished goals. ADVICE Make reasonable demands on yourself, manifest something, then present to peers or groups.

Moon square Mercury

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Retelling a misfortunate or sad story— via reframing– releases anxiety and comical venting of complaints is a catharsis. This healing can be done/if performed in a protected or guided situation. ADVICE Therapy is facilitated by sympathy also making music, dance, poetry, or art.

Moon Trine Pluto

First of Three Days FORECAST Expect to witness extreme hospitality, outreach gestures, and use of rediscovered treasures. ADVICE Reference back to altruism, serve the health and well being. Wholesome objectives are always a good idea.

Mars Square Jupiter

First of Three Days FORECAST A new group of authority figures emerge to support compelling altruism. A new tide favors creative leaders. ADVICE Organizers could use some encouragement and new perspectives. Add sources of courage, and nature’s magic qualities to complete this episode.

Sun Conjunct Saturn

Saturday, January 23 

Second of Three Days FORECAST Extending benevolence or building optimism via education, and creative games are helpers. Wisest plans utilize courage and a sense of enterprise. ADVICE Be willing to augment, correct, and update original impressions.  New data brings re-envisioning on participation, commitments, and timing.

Mars Square Jupiter

Morning FORECAST Popular trend analysts, amusement venues, and catalytic intellectuals promote humanitarian ideals. ADVICE A potent range of influences includes: surveillance networks, courage generators, and natural living incentives. Understanding of microbiology is useful as well.

Moon Trine Sun

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Public discussion starts to hash through new developments. ADVICE There is a way to use tradition and recycle past experts in this contemporary era! For help now bring authority figures out of retirement and tap the fresh minds of those recently educated.

Moon Trine Saturn

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST A heroic posture will be the first impulse. Seekers and followers favor courageous and mighty attitudes. ADVICE Optimism brings help to workers, projects, and relations to forge ahead.

Moon Trine  Jupiter

Second of Three Days FORECAST Here is a peak intensity timeframe for leadership synthesis and authority figure surveys. These are practical, yet dynamic times! ADVICE Be a creative radiant presence but also serious and disciplined. Both are valid!

Sun Conjunct Saturn

Sunday, January 24

Third of Three Days FORECAST A rambunctious mood mode continues. It seems necessary to roll with the punches and be a good sport. ADVICE Keep an eye on the target. Goals are best kept firmly in mind.

Mars Square Jupiter

Third of Three Days FORECAST There is anticipation about new ways to gain respect or rise to a position of benevolent authority.  Setting appropriate limits and disciplines is on the menu. This set of days– January 22-24 imparted an earthy and realistic perspective. ADVICE Imposed structures, limits, and teachings seem to restrict but may ultimately enable progress.

Sun Conjunct Saturn

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST The courage to launch improvements, get therapy, and make conquests can be an inspiration to everyone. ADVICE Be aware of the limits and vulnerabilities. Avoid toxins, get enough sleep, and act as a storyteller. Insert realistic proverbs and poeticized lessons to enchant and inspire.

Moon square Neptune

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST Here’s a great time for brainstorming, staying up late, and marathons. ADVICE Be open to inspiration. Lucky interventions occur almost by magic.

Moon Trine Mercury 

Highlights January 2021 

January 26-30 forecast The extra optimism and jump on the enterprise is partly due to the efforts of healers and teachers. There are many opportunities emerging at this point and the best informed and those prepared will win. ADVICE All experts are needed on deck. This includes those in law and business.

Sun conjunct Jupiter @ Full Moon Phase 

Highlights February 2021

February 9 – 13 forecast It is smart to follow lucky people and good benefits now. Fortunate tactics are models for behavior. Guidance is: apply wisdom to maximize positive outcomes. ADVICE That is plans or yielding the best benefits are the way to go.  Super Star ‘Saad Al Suud’ aligned to this new Moon translation is the’ luckiest of the lucky’ star in Aquarius.

New Moon Phase 

February 10-27 forecast Sophisticated healing and humanitarian aspirations are somewhat qualified by the ability of existing organizations. ADVICE Also consider viability based on the plan’s use of reasonable expectations and available resources.

Saturn square Uranus 

February 25-March 1 forecast Therapists, performers, and advocates for the downtrodden are also compass pointers. ADVICE Guidance is available and also beacons for lost souls are offered.

Full Moon Phase



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