Classic Chicago Media Kit 2020



Showcase in Classic Chicago

Showcase is a new native advertising category, which will appear from time to time in Classic Chicago.

Examples may be seen in the Classic Chicago Archives by going to the right margin of any page of the publication and scrolling down to the black ribbon, then clicking on Showcase or can be found in the Columns section at the top of any page.

The advertiser supplies subject matter, information, and visuals, but the feature is written by either Editor Judy Carmack Bross or Publisher Megan McKinney to give the piece style and prestige, as well as to maintain editorial consistency.

This privilege is available to current Classic Chicago advertisers.

Showcase and its role as native advertising is thoroughly transparent—much like The New York Times’ FROM OUR ADVERTISERS—and will carry the following explanatory note at the end:   Showcase is a designated section of Classic Chicago in which valued advertisers convey timely messages to viewers




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